11-11-11 Leadership Training Videos Available on Demand!


In case you missed our 11-11-11 training event, video sessions are now available on demand!

On Friday, November 11, beginning at 11:11 AM (EST), fourteen training sessions that aimed at transforming the lives and ministry of those engaged in church leadership streamed live from the Church of God Ministries web site. We are pleased to make this valuable resource available on demand for you to view and share.

Top pastors, scholars, and leaders from all areas of the Church of God movement presented personal and professional insight into ministry and family life. These sessions emphasize topics related to ministry, including the importance of developing young leaders in the church, maintaining connection with God, building relationships between church and community, and meeting the challenges of planting new churches.

In addition to the original sessions that were streamed on November 11, 2011, Church of God Ministries will continue to provide development and ministry resources via the web. Over the course of the next year, additional sessions will be added, along with corresponding resources.

Videos from the 11-11-11 Leadership Training Event are available here:

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11-11-11 Leadership Training Resources are available here:

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